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How to use effectively for job search and applications?

Here are the keys to successfully navigating your next job search on Follow these simple guidelines to achieve success in this strategic tool of job-hunting. Like any tool, its usefulness can be optimized. In order to get the most out of you should:

Frequently visit

Jobs appear continually and application deadlines may be short.

Ensure that you take advantage

Do take advantage of all the features offers you, including post your resume, search (or browse) for jobs, Get jobs using RSS/XML feeds, Job messenger etc.

Ensure that you update your resume

In order to maximize your chances, ensure that you regularly update your resume and make sure that your experience, role, industry, functional areas, contact details etc are all correct.

Familiarize yourself with search results

In order to save time; you can even search for jobs using the naukri toolbar which can be downloaded for free. Also, when you search for a job using the search categories, you will get search results on your screen. You can improve your search results by using Modify search, View similar Jobs, View jobs by this Advertiser criterion.

Familiarize yourself with job search categories

You can search jobs on the basis of keywords (use designation, company name, skills etc), Experience, Location, Functional Area (IT Telecom, IT Software, Pharma/Biotech, Hotels/Restaurants). You can even filter your search results using ‘Refine your Search’ service and sort results on the basis of ‘Role’ or ‘Industry’ and use this to target your job search.

Familiarize yourself with the type of Organizations/Companies

When companies post their jobs, it may happen that the requirements are urgent, so make sure that you are also recording their main recruitment periods or deadlines.

Pay close attention to Employers

When you have identified a job that interests you; we offer you the ability to apply for a job online with a resume that you have already stored on our site. Make sure that you are paying attention to each employer’s instructions for submitting your resume. Be clear if it should be emailed, emailed as an attachment, faxed? What type of resume?

Ensure that you have all of the information needed to apply for a job posting

Your application is unlikely to be successful if you do not provide all of the relevant information. Therefore, ensure you are familiar with the type of skills, qualifications and experience the position requires, form a list of keywords, tailor your job application using these keywords and then apply for a job.

Ensure that you send a cover letter

Sending cover letters along the job applications increases your chance of getting short-listed for a job. Make sure that you know the key strategies for sending email cover letters. You can also consider using our service called “Resume Services” which develops as well as sends your resume to thousands of recruiters, headhunters, and potential employers. Last but not the least, job hunting is a slow process and may take time to materialize so please be patient while searching for your dream job.

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December 31, 2013