Front Office

An introduction to front office

The front office in a hotel is a department responsible for the sale of hotel rooms through systematic method of reservation followed by registration and assigning rooms to the guests. The front office holds prime inputs in view of the basic nature of business of a hotel. Revenue collected from the sale of hotel rooms contributes more than 50% of the total hotel sale. Thus the role of front office is to reserve, receive, register and assign rooms to the guests and at the same time act as a continuous source of information to guests during their stay at hotel.

Important section of front office:


This section of front office is the half of the department. Request for reservation of rooms from various sources are retrieved at the appropriate time to ensure that a guest has room upon arrival. Room, which is the chief product of the hotel, being a highly perishable commodity; the reservation department ensures rooms are not allowed to perish.


This section is responsible for welcoming the guest, getting the guest registered and assigning him/her his/her rooms and wishing him/her a pleasant stay.


This section of the front office department is responsible for holding of room keys, messages and mails and generating information to the guest.

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October 4, 2013