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Services What I do

I have a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern Graphics, I update myself always by keeping eyes on the latest trends over Designs, Drawings, Typography, Shapes, Colors, etc.

I try to make myself a one stop destination for my client and his / her graphic design needs. I love to accept the new challenges and make myself more experienced by learning every day.

I believe in one MANTRA – "Your satisfaction is my success!"

graphic design tools


  • Website Design

  • Landing Page

  • PSD / HTML Template

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Front End Web Development

  • Website Troubleshoot

  • Google Adsense Banners

  • Wordpress Theme


  • Logo Design

  • Business card

  • Letterhead & Envelope

  • Folder & Report Card

  • Membership Cards

  • ID Cards

  • Greetings Cards

  • T-shirt Design


  • Brochure

  • Flyers

  • Posters

  • Folders

  • Pamphlets

  • Diary Cover

  • Notebook Cover

  • CD / DVD Covers

    Cover & Package

  • Books

  • Magazines

  • Bottle

  • Cans

  • Paper Bags

  • Carton Box

  • Tubes (Cosmetics)

  • Labels

Portfolio What I have done

  • ainol novo 7.0 website

    Ainol Novo 7.0

    It was newly launched product and the retailer wanted to promot this product through a Landing Page that I Developed. The project was front end development in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/jQuery.

  • applified ideas ab logo

    Applified Ideas AB

    Applified Ideas AB is iOS/OS X App development house. Prakash was looking for a simple iconic logo that will be legible in a tiny size too and can stand alone. I came up with this design and prakash was extremely happy.

  • film production company's marekting and business stationery and corporate identity

    HIT Production

    HIT Production, is a music company, had a concept of logo - a stick hits on ground & the music notes pop up randomly. I design their logo, business stationery, office utilities and CD/DVD covers.

  • sports apparel company's logo

    Moxie sports

    Moxie sports, is a sports apparel manufacturing company, wanted a logo wiith letter "M" that also should have shoos style like Nike. It was a challanging job and ultimately the client was extremely happy.

  • long island sustainable winegrowing website

    Long Island

    Long island sustainable winegrowing company was looking for website redesign. It was a contest of home page design. This design was the first runner up in the contest. The winning design is here.

  • ese recruitment's brochure

    ESE Recruitment

    ESE Recruitment, a professional recruitment company, was looking for bi-folded 10 pages brochures. I came up with this.

  • the complete is-is rounting protocol book cover

    The Complete is-is Rounting Protocol

    The complete IS-IS routing protocol was written by Hannes Gredler & Walter Goralski. It was a book cover design contest. I came up with this design.

  • night club flyer

    Natilus Night Club

    Nautilus Nightclub - Riga, Republic of Latvia, looking for a flyer on their launch party for VIPs. I came up with this concept.

  • payam data recovery brochure

    Payam Data Recovery

    Payam Data Recovery Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia was looking for tri-folded brochure & they conducted a compitition for the same. I came up with this design.

  • cbz design logo and business card

    CBZ Design

    CBZ Design, a Web Design, Web Development & Wordpress developing company, was looking for logo design and business card design. I designed this logo and business card for them

  • wine bottle labels

    Wine Bottles

    Lopez is one of my regular clients and also a graphic designer. This time he was designing labels. I designed these 3 wine bottles' label design for him.

  • a-line google adsense banner

    A - line

    A-Line Construction was looking for web banners for advertising purpose. They were looking for 5 different sized web banners. They hired me through fiverr.com

  • the right contact website

    The Right Contact

    The right contact is an informative website for contact lenses, Hybrid lenses etc. Dr. Jason E. Compton asked me to do the redesign of entire website. I did complete Front End Development for him.

  • get paid website

    Get Paid

    Get Paid is a product buying and worthy pricing website. It was a redesigning job & I did the front end development in xhtml 1.0 transitional / css / JavaScript / jQuery.

  • website for first birth day celebration of namita and som amravati's baby

    First Birthday Celebration

    Som and Namita Amravati wanted to celebrate their 1 year old baby's birthday by hosting a landing page with baby's and babys's parents information. I did the front end development for the website.

  • shift social changes logo

    Shift Social Changes

    Shift Social Changes was a social networking site and they wanted their Logo to be designed. My concept was two same leaves of two different seasons, but they stay together and connected.

  • veritas engineering logo

    Veritas Engineering

    Veritas engineering, an engineering and management consultancy company, was looking for redesigning their logo. My concept was based on engineering and letter "V".

  • arbez logo


    ARBEZ, opposite of ZEBRA, is a home lodging facility in The Reeds, Centurion. They were looking for new logo for their lodging firm. They wanted the logo based on zebra and I did this. They were extremely happy.

  • mafis financial management brochure

    Mafis Financial Management

    MAFIS, is a Financial Management for Local Government, was looking for double folded brochure. I came up with this design.

  • technomix brochure


    TECNOMIX, is a business solution company from Portuguese. Requirement was for tri-folded brochure and I came up with this design.

  • kic development brochure

    KIC Developers

    KIC Developers is a company who does Custom Web Applications, E-Commerce Online Catalogs, CMS etc. They wanted a tri-folded brochure. This is the design I did for them and they were fully satisfied.

  • integral development brochure

    Integral Development

    Integral Development is one of Australia's most unique and experienced Leadership and Management consultancies. They were in need of a bi-folded double sized brochure and I came up with this design.

  • in good hands flyer

    In Good Hands

    In Good Hands Chiropractic, is an informative company for Chiropractic, and they were in need of double sided flyer. I came up with this design.

  • lascivia carmín flyer

    Lascivia Carmín

    Lascivia Carmín is a vitamined lipstick and lip malm with aloe vera manufacturing company in Madrid, Spain. This is the final design and the CEO of the company was extremly satisfied.

  • flyer for navratri celebration at rajasthan India

    Surbhii Club

    Surbhi Club from Rajkot, Rajasthan, India, was celebrating a typical Indian festival "Navratri Mahotsav". They wanted their festival flyer and this is the design I did for them.

  • sneaker boxx saturday night promotional flyer

    Sneaker Boxx Saturday Night

    Sneaker Boxx Dench Party at Club Republic & 30ten and I designed their single sided flyer for the same.

  • HHG household goods movers flyer


    Landstar was promoting preferential pricing for household goods moving industry and for the same they wanted a form like flyer. I designed this flyer-form for them.

  • forever & always book cover

    forever & always

    Forever and Always tells of the ups and downs of the freshly discovered love of a young couple; written by Christy Smith. This was the book cover I designed.

  • paleo by season book cover

    paleo by season

    Paleo by Season is an approach by a chef to teach how to cook paleo. This is the recipe book cover I designed.

  • rise of antichrist book cover

    the rise of the antichrist

    The Rise of the Antichrist is written by Lowell B. Hudson. This is the book cover I designed.

  • a user's guide to chinese medicine book cover

    a user's guide to Chinese medicine

    A User's Guide to Chinese Medicine is written by Neil Kingham. I came up with this book cover design.

  • travel agency magazine cover


    Travelite is a local travel guide magazine. I designed the magazine cover for one of the publications.

  • the crystal flower logo & business card

    The Crystal Flower

    The Crystal Flower is a Flower Brooch Bouquets manufacturing and selling concern run by Mrs. Lizet E. Gonzalez. I designed her logo, Business cards and many more things as per her needs.

  • element solutions business card

    Element Solutions

    Element Solutions is the industry-leader in developing online customer experience solutions. They wanted business card and I came up with this design.

  • business card for interior print

    Interior Print

    Interior Prints was in need of business card and looking for design in black and white. I came up with this design.

  • logo and business card for luis e gonzalez junior

    Luis E. Gonzalez Jr.

    Luis E. Gonzalez, Jr. is a certified public accountant (CPA). His wife, Lizet, Owner of The Crystal Flower, hired me for designing his logo and business card.

  • business card for websan

    Web San

    WebSan solution Inc. is largest Canadian Cloud Dynamics GP Partner. I designed this business card template for them.

  • labels for jars & tubes


    Lopez had given me another opportunity to design some bottles and tubes label design job. These are few of them.

  • labels for bachetti box

    Bacchetti 1935

    Bacchetti 1935 is an Italian confectionery company, maily their products are bread, savory, sandwiches, buns, dumplings etc. Lopex hired me to design this Bacchetti 1935 box packaging.

  • label for coco drinking can


    Coco from Bali, Indonasia manufacturs coconut water and coconut milk drink and for the same they wanted Can labels. J Rubio hired me to design these coconut water drinking can labels.

  • label for halorelief medicine bottle


    This project was provided to me by Alan Bron from USA. It was a medicine bottle label design job. Alan & me both were satisfied with this design.

  • pangea project solution branding

    pangea project solution

    Pangea is a dynamic project solutions business, was looking for corporate identity design. I came with this design.

  • rafica branding


    Mineral Oil corporation Limited manufacturs petroleum specialty and allied products. Thier need was for Logo, Branding and corporate identity design. It was done!

  • centerline branding

    College 4.0

    College 4.0 is an Indian educational institute, looking for branding and corporate identity. I desgined their logo, business card and other corporate stationary.

  • the balanced spine branding

    Nimbx Technology

    NIMBX Technology was looking for new branding and corporate indetity. I designed their logo and corporate indentity.

  • google adsense banners for panic puzzle

    The Panic Puzzle

    The Panic Puzzle is a treatment programm to overcome from anxiety and panic attacks. To promote The Panic Puzzle Program Manual, they wanted web banners. I designed 6 different sized web abnners for them.

  • emh technology flex

    EMH technology

    EMH Technology is a technolgical infrastructure for business. They wanted a flex stand banner and i cam up with this design.

  • hip industries header banner

    HIP Industries

    HIP Industries is a industry bag manufaturing company. They wanted a large banner, preferably website header sized and i designed this.

  • job search webinars goolge adsense banner

    job search webinars

    Job Search Webinars is a job portal and resume developer concern. I designed 5 different sized web banners for them as per their need.

  • quote to sell header banner

    quote to sell

    Quote To Sell is a company that provides instant automotive quotes. they were looking for header slidhow banners and I designed these for them.

Live Websites My web designs

Clients Few of My Elite Clients

About Who am I

Hey, it's Me, Roy

I named my firm SCR Enterprise. Do you want to know why did I name it SCR? The reason is my dad, Late S. C. Roy (1942- 2009), a Great Teacher in literature and a greater father. And this profession is dedicated to him.

I was never a graphic designer. But I love to draw and sketch since childhood and my dad was always proud of me about this quality. But I was a good student too. So, I completed my Graduation in Bioscience in 1994.Then I did my PG-Diploma in Hotel Management Catering & Applied Nutrition and started my career in 1999 in Front Office Department of a chain group of hotel. Since then I spend 10 long years in the industry and work in Holiday Inn, Heritage Hotels, Choice Group of Hotels and lastly in Best Western Hotel as Room Division Manager.

And suddenly my dad left us all and went to the final destination. Then I decided to leave the hotel industry, take care of my family at home and explore my childhood quality and dedicate it to my dad. So since 2009, I started my journey as a graphic designer and I named my firm SCR Enterprise.

Since then I have had the opportunity to work with national as well as international clientele including UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy and Spain etc.

My elite IT friend circle has helped me a lot to learn Graphics & Web design. Presently I do front end development, Logo Design, Corporate Identity & Branding design, Print Media Design, Covers & Packaging design, Drawing & Illustrations and digital drawing. I have updated myself with some more skills like Wordpress Web Developement, Wordpress Theme Design, Twitter Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design.

office of Dibyendu Roy, SCR Enterprise

My Working process:

I learnt from my early career in Hotel Industry that any project cannot be efficiently accomplished without a standard operating procedure(SOP). Graphic design is not an exception too. So, I follow the following SOP for graphic design

  • I conduct an interview to get the complete design details from the client.
  • I do the necessary research on the same industry, its history and competitors & on designs that have been successful in the same industry to follow the trends.
  • I do sketching and conceptualizing to put ideas in my head right on paper.
  • I take breaks throughout the design process to allow the ideas mature, solicit feedback & to give a fresh perspective on the design.
  • Now it is time for revisions & positioning.
  • Then finally I present the best designs to the client and wait for feedback.



I was always a good student and I still feel proud to remain a good student.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 90%

  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 95%

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 95%

  • Java Script / jQuery 80%

  • Responsive Web Design 90%

  • Twitter Bootstrap 70%

  • Wordpress 80%

  • xhtml/css/HTML5/CSS3 90%


M Panjwan, Watches International, LLC, Houston, USA

Super cool logos from this freelancer, an asset to freelancer.com, I'm truly looking forward to do more projects with him. Very professional and willing to go the extra mile every time to make my logos perfect.

JEMA, Cascade, Trinidad & Tobago

The coder was very proficient and was willing to make any necessary changes to ensure that the job was done properly. Will use again very soon.

T Amour, Gainesville, USA

The coder did a great job and also communicated very well. I would definitely work with him again in the future.

Codediver, USA

I think this is the third time I've hired Roy... This was a tough one, but he did the superb work again!

Blog Daily adventures

I designed some amazing and beautiful graphic designs for my inbound as well as international clients and also won some contest that i participated. Most of them are my favorites and I wonder you may also like them. So, let's share them with you! Please visit my blog and know more about my graphic design skills. I will wait for your kind ratings and feedback.

Please visit my blog

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I will wait for your message. I would be happy, if I can be helpful for anything that you may need an assistance.


144, S. P. Mukherjee Road,
Nutanganj, Bankura.
City & District: BANKURA.
State: West Bengal (INDIA). PIN: 722 101.

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+91 3242 257687

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